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Our readers come to us for trusted professional guidance on how to begin and deepen an intermittent fasting practice, plus discover how to stack research-backed health, wellbeing, and longevity practices with IF to make it even more effective.

So, just exactly what is intermittent fasting? The term 'intermittent fasting' is used in many different ways by different people. The method we advocate is known as time-restricted eating, where you eat only during a certain number of hours each day known as your eating 'window.'

Our Mission is to introduce the power of Intermittent Fasting to entrepreneurs worldwide so they can exponentially improve their lives and businesses and the lives of the people they impact every day.

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Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D. is our principal writer and brings her more than two decades of hands-on medical experience to the Insider, as well as research skills honed by earning her doctorate. Her writing is informative, engaging, and approachable, with a conversational tone that feels like a knowledgeable friend is sharing information with you. Ellen’s goal is always to educate and empower her audience, particularly women, to take control of their health and make informed decisions. Denise Wakeman is an experienced faster as well as a consummate marketing expert and curious global traveler who keeps the Insider running smoothly.

The IF Insider is your briefing on the most compelling developments in intermittent fasting as well as innovation in practices that can be “stacked” with IF, such as plant-based eating, sleep hacks, natural nootropics, brain training and more, all written and curated by Ellen and Denise, plus our team of experts.


If you are new to intermittent fasting, or you need a refresher see IF Insider Issue No. 10 for our intermittent fasting FAQ.

Which intermittent fasting method is best for you? Check out our advice in IF Insider No. 12. and also IF Insider No. 17 where we address the question of is IF safe to practice.

If you are practicing intermittent fasting to lose weight, but you have plateaued or are having difficulty, see our weight loss edition, IF Insider No. 11.

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I use my experience, education and two decades of medical practice to showcase and explain the latest research findings and innovation in intermittent fasting.